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The Team

Mihaela - Owner


Mihaela founded her successful, family-styled business in 2007 and named it after her youngest daughter. Diana’s Flowers is Mihaela’s second flower shop.  The first business, with a history of more than 20 years and named after her older daughter, merged into Diana’s Flowers Hollywood when the location changed.  Mihaela gained old world experience in producing floral designs in her native Romania.  


Diana’s Flowers Hollywood's design team is a group of talented, creative florists who work under the leadership of Mihaela and includes both her daughters.  Mihaela recently finished her Master's in Business Administration and is currently writing a memoir based on her experiences as a single mother and businesswoman.  She is hoping the book inspires women to pursue their dreams in the same way she hopes her floral designs inspires beauty in the world.




Bianca - Head Designer


Bianca grew up surrounded by beautiful flowers!  She learned the art of floral design from her mother, Mihaela. Mihaela’s first three flower shops in Romania were named after Bianca.  Once the family moved to the U.S., Bianca wanted the new shop to be named after her sister.  On any given day, you can find Bianca reviewing orders, refreshing flowers and directing the assistants in Diana’s Flowers Hollywood location on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.  


Bianca is in college pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish.  She is also working as an actress in Hollywood.

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